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Features of the SAP Data Intelligence Platform
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Features of the SAP Data Intelligence Platform

We hear about machine learning and artificial intelligence in conversations quite frequently these days. This is primarily because both these technologies have made a lot of headway into several key business areas across industries. This has led to a number of new innovations and developments stemming from the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

One of the prominent sectors that have seen tremendous growth in recent years as a result of this is data intelligence. Within this space, the SAP Data Intelligence platform has garnered a reputation for reliability in recent times.

What is Data Intelligence?

Before we deep dive into the data intelligence offering by SAP Consulting, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what data intelligence actually means.

The engagement, interaction and evaluation of a diverse format and configuration of data to extract insights that are meaningful and have the potential to drive informed decision making for the business are what data intelligence is all about. One can even call it an extended arm of the conventional method of data digestion given the massive volume of information that needs to be collected, investigated and assessed.

The combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence gives business enterprises the capacity to evaluate datasets in such huge numbers with accuracy and speed.

How is the SAP Data Intelligence Platform Different?

SAP Data Intelligence is an end to end data management solution as it helps to transform distributed data sprawls into key data insights. The Business Technology platform by SAP Partners provides an added benefit and further helps to drive innovation at scale with layers of data orchestration.

Within the suite of SAP offerings, the data intelligence platform is a robust product that can enhance data integration, data management as well as data processing.

The core pillars of the system are:

  • The platform has been designed to create data pipelines with the objective of orchestrating processes of data integration by leveraging data projects
  • Data Science projects can be largely automated by harnessing advanced machine learning techniques that drive acceleration and scale
  • The management of metadata that scales through multi format data environment becomes easy and convenient by creating a metadata repository

Let’s deep dive into the key features of the SAP Data Intelligence platform.

Data Discovery: The process of gathering and collecting data across multiple platforms and sources with the help of identifying patterns is known as data discovery.

Data Profiling: An in-depth assessment, evaluation and analysis are the core competencies of data profiling that aids in the detailed understanding of the structure, content and quality of the source data in comparison to other data.

Metadata Cataloging: When you need data supervision you need to bank on your metadata that includes metrics like data source, origin, owner, and other key attributes of any given data set.

Data Ingestion: The movement of data from across one or more sources to a specified destination for the purpose of storage and analysis defines data ingestion.

Data Processing: The conversion of the data gathered from multiple sources that are then translated into a format that provides useful information is undertaken during the data processing stage.

Data Enrichment: The enhancement, refinement and improvement of raw data constitute data enrichment.

In Conclusion

The Data Intelligence system designed by SAP Consulting is a one stop shop that creates a 360-degree workflow. The goal is to deliver a range of Intelligent Enterprise tools and applications to scale business processes across verticals.

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