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How Can SAP SuccessFactors Optimize Employee Performance
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How Can SAP SuccessFactors Optimize Employee Performance

More and more companies are opting to implement strategies for people management to help boost employee performance. Hence, HR has become a critical asset irrespective of the size of the organization.

HR departments across all types of companies are banking on SAP SuccessFactors to develop a workforce that is future fit. This is how the technology helps in optimizing employee performance.

Goals Management: SAP SuccessFactors comes embedded with a goals management module. This automatically sends a notification to alert immediate supervisors about the progress on assigned tasks and deliverables of the employees. Continuous tracking and monitoring of goals management certainly contribute to maximizing employee productivity and performance.

SAP SuccessFactors enables the business to create and assign goals instantly to employees through a unified dashboard. This comes with recommendations from the goal library. Managers can access Goals Management in real-time, 24×7, via a dedicated mobile application. This helps to keep tabs on the performance effort of all employees assigned with tangible deliverables.

With SAP SuccessFactors, managers have more control over goal executions, compare employee performance and address challenges in relation to task completion in a more proactive manner.

Performance Evaluations: It is vital to ensure effective management of employee performance in the backdrop of business enterprises facing fierce competition in the market and limited budget allocations. SAP SuccessFactors offers the company a way to achieve a fair yet rigorous assessment with a performance evaluation module. The human resources team can use the tool to recognize and enhance the workforce.

Additionally, you can align your performance evaluation goals with evolving strategic objectives of the business that enables the enterprise to continuously improve the performance of the workforce via a process of feedback and training. You can also identify talents that perform for your business and those who appear to be leakage resources in the system.

Having a tool that offers a comprehensive performance summary ensuring an accurate performance appraisal is an important asset for any business. The right technology support helps the business to obtain better quality assessments. The company, in turn, is able to promote the adoption of improvements much faster by the employees. Moreover, it also enhances completion rates through a simple and interactive experience for the workforce.

360 Degree Ratings and Evaluations:

SAP SuccessFactors also provides companies with a 360-degree assessments tool that enables them to gather employee feedback on behavior and performance round the clock.

The module is designed to collect employee feedback from several stakeholders like teammates, managers, direct reports and external elements, such as customers or partners. This data can be graphically represented taking into consideration several evaluator categories that help expose concealed strengths and weaknesses in the respective teams.

Performance Calibration: Several different comparative matrices are compiled to calibrate the performance of the employees with SAP SuccessFactors. This module provides a comprehensive overview of key categories like performance, pay, succession, talent and profile that provides HR with the visibility to aggregate behavior when analyzing the company’s calibration results.


Needless to say, SAP SuccessFactors is a key tool that can help maximize employee performance. If your business is in need of a similar