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Role of Digital HR Solutions in HR Transformation
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Role of Digital HR Solutions in HR Transformation

Generally, one sees a reluctance to change and transform across various phases in life. The workplace is no different.

The pandemic expedited the digital transformation process for the majority of business enterprises, across geographies, sectors and sizes. Along with that came the opportunity for HR transformation where digital HR solutions have played a key role.

What is Digital HR?

It is said that the integration of the appropriate digital HR solutions can minimize HR administrator time by up to 12%.

Digital HR solutions are nothing but the integrations of tools and processes across a range of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies that help to optimise. The technologies can be leveraged to make human resource processes more effective, efficient and connected.

Per se, this helps to create a huge shift in the HR function that aligns structure, processes, systems, culture and talent to balance technology driven innovation with efficiency. Overall, the impact becomes sustainable and measurable enabling the business enterprise to continue with its journey of transformation and evolution.

What is the Journey Like in HR Transformation?

Usually, there are four key stages in the digital HR journey. These include:

HR Efficiency:

At this stage, business enterprises decide on which digital HR solutions to invest in and if any additional technology platforms or tools need to be developed in order to manage HR processes more efficiently.

HR Effectiveness:

During stage two, digital technology is used across practices to boost recruitment, training, learning and development, employee performance, management, communication, and overall work.


Stage three primarily focuses on the information that is shared to create an impact on the business. Here, data from across sources including internal and external becomes accessible and is combined with people analytics to extract business relevant insights.


This is the final stage where digital HR solutions are leveraged to establish a connection between processes and people in the business enterprise ecosystem.

What is the Role of Digital HR Solutions in Transforming Human Resources?

Digital HR solutions have had a massive role to play in the HR transformation of business enterprises.

Let’s take a look.

1. User Data and Analytics:

The human resources function is gradually grasping the value of data analytics and how the insights and intelligence generated have the potential to help in meaningful decision making for the business. Some select digital HR solutions have been specifically designed to assess and measure every single touchpoint of the employee lifecycle including pre-selection, learning and development and employee engagement.

2. Future-proof Recruitment:

Just like all other core business functions, recruitment has to undergo transformation with the integration of digital HR solutions. This can involve deploying a mobile application that enhances candidate experience, a pre-selection process that is supported by data and even a customised AI powered onboarding program for new employees.

3. Improve Employee Experience: Focusing on employee experience has become a priority with business enterprises as it directly impacts the end customer experience, Moreover, engaged employees are more productive and performance oriented. Digital HR solutions have helped organizations deploy employee engagement activities and provide them with access to digital amenities that can improve overall employee experience in the long run.


Digital HR solutions that support the HR transformation of an organization is only the first step towards a digital way of life for the human resources vertical of any business enterprise. Once the process kick starts, there are limitless ways to discover the influence of digital HR transformation for the business. If you are considering the integration of digital HR services and human experience management, you can explore your options with MDSap, a trusted SAP service provider that has a history of delivering cutting edge HR solutions in the Middle East.