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The Journey of SAP BusinessObjects
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The Journey of SAP BusinessObjects

As the pandemic struck in 2020, it forced each one of us to face times that were unique in nature. Be it our personal or professional lives, it was a 360 turnaround for the majority of the population. In a nutshell, we learned a number of lessons during these two years.

Companies like SAP Consulting utilized this time to make significant product transitions. This kickstarted a new era in analytics where SAP users are able to leverage the power of the cloud. This was a new journey for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise users.

The key milestones of this innovative and novel journey were:

Fast Tracking Digital Transformation and Agility

Before the onslaught of the virus, several business enterprises with agile practices, processes, systems and technology platforms were able to weather the storm ensuring business continuity. The only competitive factor that worked as a differentiator for companies during this time of turmoil was agility.

Those business enterprises that have moved to the cloud and initiated their digital transformation journey were still able to scale their operations during the pandemic. The risks for those companies that did not make the transition was evident. Users of the SAP platform were seamlessly able to migrate from the on-premise SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise to leverage the power of the cloud.

Making the Move to the Cloud

In the last few years, there has been a significant shift in the reporting style from conventional formats to augmented. This is the ultimate solution for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise users.

In consultation with SAP Partners, the analytics cloud platform offers more capabilities such as predictive analytics, business intelligence that drive confident and informed decision making in business enterprises. In combination with SAP data intelligence, this creates the foundation for modern data analysis

Using SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise in the Cloud

With thousands of legacy reports residing in the SAP BusinessObjects systems, the migration to the cloud ecosystem is the need of the hour. That said, customers cannot make this shift overnight and therefore have to rely on a conduit to help them make the move.

The private cloud edition of the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise enables hesitant SAP users to make this move to the SAP Analytics Cloud platform. This will help companies to sustain their capabilities of business-critical reporting capabilities as the operations to the cloud transition seamlessly.

A Progressive Step Towards the Future

The transition to the cloud is made easier with a dual subscription to the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise that can be operated simultaneously. This provides access to a complex yet flexible commercial framework along with the opportunity to evaluate the value of existing assets.

If your business truly needs to make this move, be sure to explore the offerings of MDSap, one of the trusted SAP Partners in UAE to meet the needs of your organization.