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The Role of SAP Successfactors in Candidate Recruitment
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The Role of SAP Successfactors in Candidate Recruitment

Employee turnover is not new in organizations. Yet, companies need to work on strategies that will help them hire and retain the best talent in the business. This can be easily accomplished with the integration of SAP Successfactors, a platform that plays a critical role in candidate recruitment.

Is Candidate Experience Important?

There have been a number of instances when companies have been ghosted by candidates during the recruitment process. A solid, standout hiring experience makes all the difference. This contributes significantly to developing a rich talent pipeline and investing in the company’s future.

This is possible only if the candidate’s expectations and needs of viewing the organization as a good workplace are met during the hiring process. Even if you know that the majority of candidates will not make it through the doors, the experience of the process helps build respectable perception for the brand.

Despite the rejection, the positive candidate experience will play the differentiator. A report by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute research indicated that over 80% of unsuccessful job applicants were likely to reapply to companies if the hiring experience left a positive impression on them.

What is the Role of Technology in Candidate Recruitment?

Technology plays a vital role in candidate recruitment today. A platform like Successfactors by SAP Consulting is able to drive the positive candidate experience to the next level.

Needless to say, the integration of technology leads to the collection of more data. But you need the implementation of SAP Successfactors to filter through it and gain meaningful insights that will help navigate your hiring strategies in the right direction.

The key drivers that will help drive the initiative are:

Clarity: There is transparency and clarity in the process from the candidate perspective. This includes sending out precise job roles, descriptions that help set clear expectations for the candidate. 

Fairness: The application and interview process should be fair. This is easily determined through the manner in which the selection process works that should leave the candidate with the feeling of having received a fair opportunity.

Attractiveness: The experience of candidate interactions and engagement with the hiring organization sets the tone of the company being the perfect workplace fit for the applicant.

Technology: Relying on technology tools like SAP Successfactors helps put systems in place where the application to interview process becomes more streamlined.

How Does SAP Successfactors Help Close Gaps?

SAP Successfactors has core features such as candidate listening technology that helps business enterprises to measure and extract relevant data intelligence on the overall candidate journey. Both qualitative and quantitative feedback received further helps to close gaps, thus, impacting the overall experience.

Other key features of the system include:

Applicant tracking: SAP Partners provides access to a robust applicant tracking platform that is critical to the hiring process. It helps templatize communication and personalize the candidate experience further.

Empowering Recruiters: The platform offers recruiters the opportunity to invest in relationship building with the candidates despite the high number of applicants.

Setting Expectations: The recruiter is able to set clear expectations about the hiring process so that candidates can prepare themselves accordingly.

Timely Updates: Integration of a technology platform like SAP Successfactors ensures that recruiters are able to share updates and communicate with candidates in a timely manner.

Reporting and Analytics: Just like any other technology driven platform, SAP Successfactors helps the business to make data driven decisions for candidate recruitment with the integration of strong reporting and analytics tools.

Final Thoughts

How your treat your candidates during the recruitment process says a lot about the kind of organization you have. If your goal is to improve and enhance this experience, then you should definitely consider SAP Successfactors as a critical investment for your business. Speak to MDSap, a trusted SAP Partners in UAE to explore customised solutions for your business in the Middle East.