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Transform your Business with SAP Rise
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Transform your Business with SAP Rise

Business transformation is the buzzword these days. But what does it involve exactly?

Let’s find out more.

What Is Business Transformation?

Business transformation is nothing but a shift in management strategy with the objective to enhance the company’s vision by realigning systems, processes, technology and even resources.

A business establishment may opt to undergo an extensive transformation for a number of reasons – shift in the markets, decreasing profitability, the introduction of new technologies, cost cutting or even a merger or acquisition. One or more of these factors is critical to achieving business success that may necessitate a change in the organisational ecosystem.

So, what are the best tools that can facilitate business transformation with minimal disruption to organisational operations?

Check out RISE with SAP Intelligent Enterprise.

What is RISE with SAP?

SAP RISE Intelligent Enterprise is available as a bundled offering that is designed to accelerate and simplify the complete intelligent enterprise journey. Irrespective of your starting point, RISE with SAP business transformation-as-a-service has the potential to holistically transform any business with a quick time to value ratio.

It provides detailed step by step guidance and hand holding to companies throughout the entire transformation experience via a diverse range of cutting edge solutions, technology and services in a one stop shop package.

RISE with SAP provides a blueprint that can be implemented by business enterprises of any size to chart out their route for the transformation journey. Most importantly, the SAP solution removes all complexities that are associated with conventional business transformation when the organisation purchases additional licenses.

Why Do Businesses Need RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is a dedicated solution that helps to transform every aspect of businesses into intelligent enterprises. This helps the organisations to accelerate strong business outcomes via its collection of solutions that includes:

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite
  • System Hosting Options
  • Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack and
  • Embedded Tools and Services

SAP Rise simplifies the business transformation in four easy steps:

  • Initiates a redesign of the business model
  • Aligns the transformation with the customer journey
  • Drives all technical migrations
  • Builds the SAP RISE Intelligent Enterprise

What are the Key Areas that can be Enhanced via RISE with SAP?

SAP RISE Intelligent Enterprise can be instrumental in helping businesses to overcome the following:

Growing Customer Demands: Businesses cannot always change with evolving customer demands, preferences and expectations. However, there is a need to stay agile and scale in order to deliver personalized customer experiences. This is easily possible with the SAP RISE solution.

Integrating New-age Technologies: Innovation is happening all around us at a pace that is difficult to keep up with for any business enterprise. Implementing SAP RISE helps businesses fast track integration of these new-age technologies across all business verticals and end to end business processes in a streamlined manner.

Combating Future Uncertainties: Businesses all over the world are fighting an uncertain future primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There have enormous changes in business processes and systems over the last two years. SAP with RISE can provide insights to business enterprises on predicting emerging market trends, growth opportunities, and future risks that can help stabilise the overall business ecosystem.  

In Conclusion

The probabilities of RISE with SAP with its affordable bundled offerings is likely to galvanize the market in the foreseeable future as it helps organisations overcome several ERP hurdles within a single solution umbrella.  

If RISE with SAP sounds like the right bundled solution for your business transformation journey, then be sure to give MDSap a call, a trusted SAP Partner in UAE.