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Understanding Data Warehouse Cloud – Features & Benefits
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Understanding Data Warehouse Cloud – Features & Benefits

Not sure what that is. Let’s find out.

What is a Data Warehouse Cloud?

Simply put a cloud data warehouse like the SAP Data Warehouse utilizes the computing power and space allocated by a cloud provider in order to assimilate and facilitate data storage that comes from various data sources. This data in turn is used for further analysis, generating queries and insights as well as reporting.

What are the Key Features of a Cloud Data Warehouse?

The cloud data warehouse comes with the following key features.

1. Data Integration and Management

Data integrated under cloud data warehouses offers core processes with ETL/ELT along with providing access to flexible SQL querying of the data.

Moreover, you can also explore the option of ingestion of all data types as well as stream data ingestion. Data transformation with varying degrees of complexity including type conversion and summarization is also possible.

You can even do a full and incremental data extraction on a cloud data warehouse.

2. Data Storage

Data storage in an SAP Data Warehouse cloud offers read only, integrated, meta data and optimized data storage.

Storage of time variant data from a historical point of view is also available.

3. Data Warehouse Database Performance

Cloud data warehouse offers elastic, on-demand scaling of storage as well as the platform to compute resources. It also allows for parallel processing of the database with a materialized view support along with caching the results generated from it.

It is possible to serve multiple geographic locations and show great query performance measured in seconds in a cloud data warehouse. You can manage the performance by predicting and prioritizing queries with machine learning on a data warehouse cloud.

You can also identify faults in the system with the fault tolerance facility.

4. Security and Compliance:

A cloud provider like SAP ensures infrastructure and data safety with the help of data encryption and granular access control. You additionally get to enable user authentication and authorization for data access.

All cloud data warehouses are required to comply with the guidelines outlined by their respective national, regional, and industry-specific bodies.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Data Warehouse?

The SAP Data Warehouse cloud provides the following benefits:

1. Cost-effective:

Cloud data warehouse by SAP does not need additional purchase and maintenance of super expensive hardware. Moreover, scaling a cloud based data warehouse is far more cost effective compared to an on-premises one. Additionally, there is a limited risk of overprovisioning infrastructure.

2. Limited Expenditures on Development

Cloud based data warehouses work on several layers of automation which decreases the involvement of IT staff time. Moreover, tasks like storage scaling, computing resources, and data management are also automated.

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So, Is the Cloud Data Warehouse Different from a On-Premises Data Warehouse?

The cloud data warehouse has specific points of differentiation from a conventional on-premises data warehouse.

For example, a cloud data warehouse can be scaled up instantly whereas the scalability of any on-premises data warehouse is dependent on in-house resource consumption, and available infrastructure that may require reconfiguration or purchase of hardware or software to process the upgrade.

Moreover, a cloud data warehouse will in the majority of instances have a 99.99% uptime. On the other hand, a regular data warehouse’s uptime is wholly dependent on the quality of available hardware, software and the competence of the IT team.

Most importantly, a cloud data warehouse is more cost-effective than its conventional counterpart.

So, if you are in the market for a data warehouse solution, then be sure to discuss your needs with an MDSap expert.