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Why Data Intelligence Software is Important to Data Governance?
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Why Data Intelligence Software is Important to Data Governance?

For enterprise organizations, data governance is no longer optional. Other than simply by virtue of being compliant, businesses across the globe are realizing the true value of data as a key asset that requires constant management, maintenance and protection. Hence, the need for data governance.

What is Data Governance?

We all know that data is a digital asset. Therefore, the maintenance also has to be within the realms of IT. For this, organizations need to imbibe discipline coupled with vision, strategy and adequate human resources to implement processes, structures, systems to deploy and operate data governance.

Attaining true data governance can be a herculean task for businesses on their own. In order to simplify the process, businesses are turning to trusted third party data management platforms such as SAP Consulting to identify the right data governance software and solutions.

What is Data Intelligence Software?

Identifying the appropriate data intelligence software with the help of SAP Partners supports the entire process of data governance. Therefore, that begs the question as to what exactly is data intelligence software?

Data intelligence software and is basically a compilation of competencies that enables any business enterprise to be able to find a solution to manage the six fundamental questions about data. These typically cover:

  • Data usage, creation of data and the entity responsible for it
  • Data representation and subsequent usage
  • Time of data creation, usage and expiration
  • Location of data within the organization and consumption
  • Reasons behind data existence, persistence and usage
  • The method of data creation or capture and its usage

With an all-powerful SAP Data Intelligence software, you will an additional component that explores the inherent relationships between data and the people who are consuming it.

What Makes SAP Data Intelligence Software Different?

SAP Partners in the UAE work with business firms in the region and focus on use cases around data governance, data quality management and self-service data to answer these fundamental questions. To do this, the key element is to concentrate on the power of metadata that it captures at the very source and follows its movement through the business enterprise.

The goal is to map its usage, profile, cleanse, aggregate and augment it to be analysed in order to support strategic and operational decision making for the business. 

In combination with SAP Enterprise Performance Management, the data intelligence software takes metadata management to an entirely different level that includes data cataloging, master data definition and control, data profiling and data stewardship.

Final Thoughts

In reality, data intelligence software gives every enterprise a plethora of opportunities without limitations or constraints.

If your business enterprise is in need of cutting edge data intelligent solutions, then consider joining hands with MDSap. We are recognized as one of the SAP Partners in UAE that helps you operate your business better leveraging technology and driving digital transformation via complementary solution providers.